About us

The control and the coordination of the railway transport activities are exercising by "Railway Administration" Executive Agency through its headquarter in Sofia and Regional units.
"Railway Administration" Executive Agency is the Nationail Safety Authority (NSA) for the railway transport in Republic of Bulgaria.
"Railway Administration" Executive Agency controls the application of  the provisions of Regulation (EC) № 1371/2007 of the European Parliament and the Council of 23 October 2007 concerning the rights and obligations of passengers using rail.

"Railway Administration" Executive Agency:

  1. Control the access to railway infrastructure and the implementation of public service obligations;
  2. Carry out checks to verify compliance with the licensing requirements laid down herein;
  3. Collect fees for the purpose of granting licenses and authorisations as well as issuing certificates to the safety advisers in accordance with the requirements stipulated in this Act in an amount determined by the Council of Ministers, acting on a proposal of the Minister of Transport, Information technologies and Communications;
  4. Issue professional qualification certificates to staff engaged in railway transport;
  5. Keep records and collate statistical data on railway transport activities;
  6. Develop and submit proposals to the Minister of Transport, Information technologies and Communications on draft statutory instruments on the railway transport;
  7. Discharge the control functions envisaged in this Act, including the commissioning of structural subsystems forming an element of the railway system;
  8. Propose, for approval to the Minister of Transport, Information technologies and Communications measures to avoid and overcome the consequences of disasters and accidents with implications for railway infrastructure;
  9. Coordinate the projects concerning the crossing points of rail tracks forming an element of railway infrastructure and, inter alia, the republican road network, local roads, streets and pipelines, overhanging cable, high- and low-voltage lines,etc., and projects for the interconnection of rail tracks forming an element of railway infrastructure;
  10. Carry out other functions delegated to it in accordance with the provisions laid down by law or stipulated in an act adopted by the Council of Ministers.


The financing of activities of the "Railway Administration" Executive Agency's budget is implemented by the Ministry of Transport through: 
  •  Fees for licences and permits.
  •  Funds from fines and penalties.
  • Interest on deposits of its own means and in outstanding payments.
  • Own revenue.
The activity, structure, organization of work and composition of the "Railway Administration" Executive Agency is determined by statutes adopted by the Council of Ministers on a proposal by the Minister of Transport, Information technologies and Communications.