The National Safety Authority

The National Safety Authority has the following functions:

  1. Issues permits for the commissioning of control, management, and signalling subsystems on the railway line, the energy and infrastructure subsystems that build the railway system of the European Union in accordance with Regulation No. 57 of 2004 on the conditions and essential requirements for the railway infrastructure and vehicles to achieve operational compatibility of the national railway system with the railway system within the European Union and checks whether they are operated and maintained according to the requirements;
  2. Carries out control over the compliance of the operational compatibility constituent elements with the essential requirements provided in the respective TSI;
  3. Imposes restrictive conditions or bans the operation of the respective subsystems or parts thereof in the cases provided for by the Railway Transport Act;
  4. Analyzes the results of the investigation of railway accidents and, if necessary, takes measures to improve the level of safety;
  5. Supervises the process of investigating accidents and incidents under Article 77, paragraph 1;
  6. Develops and makes proposals to the Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications for the adoption of new or amendment of existing national safety rules, and exercises constant control over their compliance;
  7. Maintains a register of vehicles and exercises control over their registration and the accuracy and updating of the information reflected in the register;
  8. Issues, renews, updates/amends, limits the scope of, or withdraws a certificate of a person responsible for maintaining vehicles and a certificate of a person performing maintenance functions on vehicles;
  9. Issues, renews, amends, or withdraws a single safety certificate for a railway enterprise with activity in the Republic of Bulgaria that has declared the certifying body to be the Executive Agency "Railway Administration" and a safety certificate for an infrastructure manager and checks compliance with the requirements under which they were issued;
  10. Limits or revokes safety certificates issued before 16 June 2019 and checks compliance with the requirements under which they were issued.

Rules for the operation of the Safety Council in railway transport

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